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The ability to reach the top pages in the search engine world has enormous value…Lot’s of people will build businesses pages that will never be seen.

A New Kind of Digital Currency to change the world of customer rewards

Kellnet Network and its rewards program will help Florida tourism businesses move into the future of customer rewards and make a weak rewards program stronger allowing all businesses in Florida to join the network and offer the KAF coin to their customers based on purchases made and allowing those rewards to be used in any business involved in the program.

    KAF Tokens minted 1B
    Tokens In Burn Wallet 100 Million
    Tokens in Charity Wallet 100 Million
    Kellnet Tokens held 200 Million
    Tokens available for Private Sale 600 Million
Kellnet Kaf Coin

KAF Coin

Our Other Services

Web Design, Digital Marketing and Network Building.

Ekim Tech can help from setting up a network in your office by installing data cables to configuring your hardware. Plus Ekim Tech can get you a domain for your web site then we can build, host and optimize the site for search engine positioning,

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First Steps In Networking

A major part of implementing a network involves the installation of a cabling system. A solid cabling system is a good investment that will not only meet your current networking needs, but will last through your next-generation network as well.

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Path To Have A Web Site Built

Creating a reliable website plan will help you organize your efforts, collect the assets you need, and start off with an outline of your goals and a clear path for achieving them.

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